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Job Portal Malaysia – The 5 Job Search Tips That Job Seeker Often Neglect

In this rat-race society, looking for a job at job portal Malaysia is not an easy task anymore.

Of course, you may find an endless of pro tips and advice about job search or know-how to excel during the interview or how to get the freelance work.

There is so much of the job search advice available from the experts that you don’t even have to spend more than five seconds Googling before you land on some nugget of wisdom or another.

Nevertheless, there is also much advice that may be contradicted or could easily be overwhelmed for you.

So, let’s boil things down to a shortlist of sound, timeless job searching tips that will help you fine-tune your strategies in order to sail through the process.

1. Make Yourself a “Smack-in-the-Forehead” Obvious Fit

Whenever you are applying for a job via online job website, it is likely that your resume will be the first thing to be screened by an applicant tracking system and then proceed to the human resource or hiring manager.

Make sure to study the job description and any available information that you have on the position.

Check whether are you mirroring the words and phrases in the job description or are you able to be showcasing your strengths in the areas that seem to be of paramount importance to this role? Line it all up!

Despite whether you are applying for a permanent job or part-time job Malaysia, it behoves you to make it simple and easy for the computer and human to quickly connect their “Here is what we are looking for” to you as soon as possible.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself

Whether it is a freelance job or a 9-to-5 job, everyone will pour out everything just to get the job.

You should start searching and then endearing yourself to the people working at that company of interest.

Put some effort in approaching the internal recruiter and ask a few questions. Get on the radar of every people who might influence you on getting the interview.

3. Your Resume is Not a Tattoo

Yes, your LinkedIn profile, lovely. Your new resume, breathtaking!

However, if they don’t align you as a direct match for a particular role that you are gunning for, you still could modify wording, switch around the key terms and swap the bullet points in and out.

Remember, your resume is not a tattoo, nor your LinkedIn profile.

You need to constantly update your resume in order to you look much more credible and well-seasoned person in the field, even as a freelancer in Malaysia.

4. Established Your LinkedIn Profile Now

If you are not on the LinkedIn, you are barely existing in the job search as more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool, and this is not an understatement.

If you are able to figure out how to harness the power of no other social media tool for job search, figure out LinkedIn. Moreover, it is also used as a platform that opens the internship job Malaysia that might be useful for fresh grad to gain experience.

In fact, LinkedIn still considers the best platform available today for career and job search networking, for finding talented people and positioning yourself to be found by a recruiter who has a relevant job opening.

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