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Why & How to Delete Images from Google

So, let’s just say you have found a very negative photo of your business on google and you are afraid that the photo will take down your business reputation. What do you do in this case when you know well that your business reputation is in the balance? This is what we are going to look at today, we need to see how to remove images from google.

How to remove images from google

This process is very essential and has to in some cases be left top experts like the reputation management who know what to do when called upon. In this article, we need to look at ways that you can use to remove or delete images from google just in case you feel they are inappropriate.

Personal Reputation Management by Removing an Image From Google 

The process of removing an image from google can be an easy or difficult task depending on so many things. First, if you are the one who posted the image then the process of removing it might be a bit easier and elaborate. However, if you are not the one who posted the google image initially then the process of removing it might be a bit harder.

One thing that a negative image can do to your brand is making it look untrustworthy and also unprofessional which might, in turn, have a negative effect on your business. If you do not know how to delete Google’s profile pictures then we shall also be covering that as well.

reputation management

If You Own the Image

It will catch you by surprise to know the number of people who post images on google that later on makes them look somewhat unprofessional. If you are in control of the image then the process of removing it might be a bit easier. 

All you need to do is log in to your Google account and with that alone, you will be able to remove the image in the end. Do not try to set the image private, all you need to do is remove it, if it is on your social media accounts like Instagram then you only need to go to the accounts and get rid of the image.

We have some people who still do not know how to remove photos from Instagram. The process just in case you are worried is not that hard. Depending on what you post, the process of removing any inappropriate and unwanted photos is not that difficult.

gmail account

However, the only thing that might be a bit harder is knowing how to delete one picture from multiple on Instagram. In fact, it is not very easy to know how to delete one photo from multiple photos on Instagram, all you can do is remove all the photos if you have two then post back the ones you need on Instagram with the exception of the kind of image that you do not need to appear on your Instagram. 

How to Remove Images That You Did Not Post from Google or even Instagram?

The process of removing those images which were not posted by you is not easy at all. It is complicated and just not possible, to tell the truth. The only thing that you can do if you need to delete porn or any other detrimental images is to contact the people who posted the images if you know them to delete them for you. 

You can contact them to help you delete all porn content if we have multiple images of that kind. If that is not possible, you can involve the authority over the issue and see if they can help you get somewhere with it. There are so many laws and other regulations that apply to such acts that seek to protect you against such occurrences. 

The information below regards some of the ways that you can use to delete google images. If you are looking for ways on how to delete google profile picture then you can consider the information above for some guidance regarding the issue.

Easy Steps on How to Delete Photos on Facebook

Deleting photos on Facebook is easy. But bear in mind that once the photos are deleted it is not possible to get it back. Deleting photos on Facebook has some easy steps. It can be done using a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. Here are the simple steps on how to delete photos on Facebook:

  • Simply open the photo that wanted to be deleted.
  • Click the photo.
  • Hit the menu that can be seen in the upper right corner (three-dot button).
  • Look for the delete photo option and select.
  • Click to confirm
social media

Deleting uploaded photos is easy but many are wondering if they delete their photos on Facebook does it mean it will be gone forever or permanently? So how to delete all photos from Facebook? Some are believing that deleted photos are gone when deleted. But some experts are saying that when Facebook users are deleting their photos from their Facebook profile, they are sending requests to Facebook. A request to remove their deleted photos on Facebook servers. In a few seconds, the action can be completed after following the steps. However, some studies came out that “deleted photos” are still there floating somewhere on Facebook servers. The sad part is it is still accessible to the outside world.

Photos can be removed on the profile and profiles of all those who are tagged on the deleted photos but this doesn’t mean that the deleted photos were gone for good. There are still chances that it can be retrieved through its direct link to the photo itself. Many are really wondering how to delete multiple photos from Facebook and how they can be sure that it was all gone permanently. Experts who also provide online reputation management services say that it needs to be wiped out on Facebook servers, but the question up to now if it is possible? Some things on the Facebook profile can be deleted permanently when the Facebook account will be deleted permanently.

The Easy Way on How to Delete Instagram Photos

Deleting Instagram photos is as easy as deleting Facebook photos. So, how to delete Instagram photos? When users want to delete photos on their Instagram account either a photo or video, users can simply open their Instagram profile, go to post, and look for the three-dot button above the post. Click the delete option and tap delete again to confirm.


What’s unique with Instagram? Years ago Instagram launched an option that gives the Instagram users to choose whether to delete their post permanently or to choose an archived post. They tested this option among a small group of people before launching it to all Instagram users. Many users are sometimes confused about whether to delete their posts, photos, or videos permanently. Some just wanted to hide their photos to some certain people but do not want to delete it permanently as these photos give them memories and have sentimental value. The process of archiving photos is the same as deleting photos. It can be seen on the three-dot button above the post. Click the archive instead of deleting it. Photos or posts that are put on archive can be archived back to the users’ profile and it will appear in their original chronological order.

Why many are asking on How to Delete All Instagram Photos

There comes to a point for some Instagram users that they would want to delete all Instagram photos. Users have many reasons why they wanted to wipe out their Instagram photos. Some just wanted to change the look of their Instagram account, some wanted to get rid of the photos of someone they just broke up with. There are also some who reached the allowable limit of followers and wanted to get rid of the photos that expose their private life and some are just for some privacy reasons.

how to delete all Instagram photos

However, there are still users wondering how to delete all Instagram photos but unfortunately, Instagram does not provide an option or tools to do the task. This was made by Instagram to avoid people being hacked. Many users had complained that their Instagram accounts have been hacked and finding out there are a lot of photos has been uploaded on their accounts and having a hard time deleting their photos and because there is no any option for them to delete all photos they are ending up deleting their Instagram account and opening a new one. Many are looking forward to Instagram to consider fixing this issue.

Ways on How to Delete Pictures On Instagram

As many users are having a hard time deleting all their photos on Instagram. There is a third party application that is doing the trick. Instagram users who are on Instagram most of the time are probably familiar with those third-party applications that will help them with their problem of deleting multiple photos on Instagram.

Many are wondering how to delete pictures on Instagram but also many are thankful for that third-party application that makes their Instagram live easier. But those applications should be learned on how to use them. Some are tricky and need patience. Some third-party applications function well using their website and need authorization to access the Instagram account and do the action. Some will just work with Android and IOS and also some just works for a web browser.

If the above methods do not solve the problem, you can opt to find a specialist who is great at content removal and experienced in handling these cases.

How to Decorate Damansara New Property for Sale Differently

Everyone has a love and hate relationship with the lucrative hotel room. How did the Puncak Alam property craft it so effortlessly with good lighting, furniture, and elements? Why is it so hard for you to replicate a similar look and feel at your own first dream house?

Whether you are a child, teen, adult or elderly, decorating a room with the things you like will always be one of the pleasant things to do.  Here are some things that you need to avoid when decorating your new premium house.

sungai buloh new landed property

The room that you spent at least eight hours a day in

First of all, the artwork is a must in decorating, LBS new property usually got overlooked when the homeowners are more focused on the living room. As they are not a public space, so homeowners just place basics inside a bedroom and leave the rooms empty.

Putting up your favourite piece of art in your LBS apartment in Damansara can make you feel more beautiful, for the reason that you are looking at the things you like before you sleep and the moment you wake up.

KISS layout refers to keep it short and straightforward. Don’t overcrowd your new apartment Shah Alam, when you are decorating your room with too many pieces of furniture. From a student perspective, a bed, wardrobe and a table are the first and ideal set up. Reserving space for walking in the bedroom is essential as well.

Taman Alam Perdana

Bandar Hillpark Puncak Alam should appear cosy, simple, sophisticated and elegant. No matter what style of decorating you are going with, it is good to leave three feet and above space between the bed and the walls or large pieces of furniture such as a wardrobe.

Utilitarianism requires homeowners to utilize space smartly by having plenty of storage options. Choose a large bedside table with drawers or doors behind which you can hide books, skincare and reading glasses within reach but out of sight.

Using a trunk or storage bench at the foot of the bed allows you to store items that you need to use not that often. For instance, LBS Alam Perdana townhouse extra bed sheets, blankets, and pillows.

To reach your books easily, you can use a headboard with built-in shelves or sliding panels. Book lovers find this tip extremely helpful. Placing shallow boxed underneath, the unused space below the bead can be smart as well because no one will notice it, where Taman Alam Perdana provides.

Puncak Alam property

The grown-up bedroom must have

Once you have become an adult, you realize that you need to focus more on your sleep. Thus, a beautiful sheet can help to improve your sleep quality. A quality sheet needs to feel soft against your skin and stain-resistant.

Remember yourself saying that the bed mattress doesn’t have to be fancy. Well, it sure doesn’t have to be too fancy, but you must ensure that you are sleeping on a quality mattress. Give up on your blown up beds, the mattress that sags in the middle and spent the right amount of money on a proper mattress.

A bedside lamp is essential. Having an extra source of light can be better. When you feel tired, you can switch on the side lamp, enjoy dimmer lighting. Studies also prove that people can sleep better when they use dim yellow lights.

Last but not least, a full-length mirror is required? Why an adult needs that? As you are growing older, you need to see yourself, how do you look every day.

Understanding Eye Surgery and Eye Specialist In KL

Understanding the Possible Side Effects of Performing Eye Surgery

While the loss of visions as a result of performing eye surgery is sporadic nowadays, there will undoubtedly be side effects. For instance, the most popular side effect of eye surgery will be dry eyes and temporary visual disturbances. Worry not like this kind of side effects will be gone after a few weeks or months.

best eye specialist in malaysia

So what are dry eyes? It is one of the temporary side effects that happened after eye surgery. Dry eyes cause a momentary drop in tear production. Thus, for the first six months after the surgery, the patient will feel eyes are baked in the process of healing. Take note that even after healing, dry eyes may still persist.

Using eyedrops are recommended by eye specialist and doctors. IF patient experience dries severe eye issues, there is an option to get special plugs in tear ducts to prevent the tears. From draining away from the surface of the patient eyes.

The next side effects will be under corrections. You may feel disturbed by the namely term. If the laser removes too little tissue from the patient eye, he might not get the clearer vision that he is expecting to. Thus, under corrections are one of the typical side effects for the patient with nearsighted.

If it comes to facing under correction issues, a patient may need to perform another refractive surgery within a year to ensure enough tissues are removed.

lasik eye surgery

On the other hand, there are overcorrections. Where too many tissues from the eye are removed during the surgery. Overcorrections is one of the more severe side effects to be resolved.

Flap problems are also one of the common side effects of the ophthalmologist in Kuala Lumpur. Removing the flap from the front of your eye during the surgery can cause issues such as excess tears and infection. Thus, it may cause your eyes to grow abnormally underneath the flap during the healing process.

Lastly, there is vision loss or changes. However, the best eye specialist in Malaysia says that this is the rarest case of eye surgery.

eye specialist malaysia

What Can You Expect?

LASIK eye surgery in Kuala Lumpur is one of the refractive eye surgery that can give excellent vision to the people who undergo surgery. The pros of the operation are that you get to play sports, and the image will be improved for many years and decades. You won’t have to worry anymore on blurred vision. Glasses and contact lenses can be dump into the dustbin as well.

However, if you grow old, you may still need to wear glasses. Most patients rated LASIK eye surgery with high satisfaction. Nonetheless, the long-term results aren’t available yet. This is due to the patient feel that they don’t need a repeat examination. Thus, follow-up data are not collected.

The procedure of eye surgery has been refined continuously by experts over time. The techniques and technology are continually changing, as well. Keep in mind that over time, you may feel worse over the refraction.

Your vision may get poorer after years. However, it doesn’t pose a threat as people will opt for glasses at that time. However, the exact degree of change to be expected is still unpredictable.

Essential Guidelines for Buying a Pos System Software Malaysia

Finding the right pos system providers and pos system software for a business could be severe. Nowadays, the software is getting more intelligent and smarter and help people can save a lot of efforts to spend on handling the complicated task.

To be able to choose the right point of sale system for your business, here are a few guidelines you should acknowledge before buying the system:

pos system software malaysia

Know What It Can Do for Your Business

The application of pos system software will help a business to add up more sale and assist in getting the clients through the line quicker. Sometimes, the point of sale system could be hard to learn for you or your employee.

Before purchasing the system, do ensure that system is user-friendly with the easily understandable interface because this will ease for you and your employee.

malaysia pos system

Seek for An Industry Fit

When you are looking for the pos system. Try to search for something that is being utilized in your industry by the central organization currently. You can not find expert a spa pos software can fit into the retail business. The design of the spa pos system could be very different from the other industry’s network.

For instance, if you are running the spa business, picking the pos system software in Malaysia will be more fit your business. Remember that, the more intelligent a spa pos software is for your industry and organizations like your one. The less you will have to make modifications by the way you prefer to run things.

pos system malaysia

Seek for The Right Provider

Due to many different options and provider out there, sometimes it is hard to make the right decision. To be able to know which is the best provider among others, you have to go through one by one research to evaluate the quality of service and product of the offered. Choose a reputable company or provider which is providing the pos system software.

The right provider usually will give a clear explanation to the customer about the detail of pos system hardware and pos system software. Either through the live chat feature on their website or conduct a face to face explanation with customers.

Identify What You Need

The application of the pos system will bring a lot of benefits to a company, especially improve the productivity of the company through the eliminating of unnecessary and complicated work.

So if you are running a clinic, it is so essential to pick a sound pos system that completely fits into the clinic management system. Some of the pos systems are specially designed software to manage the clinic.

Running A Demo

Running a demo will help a business able to implement the system in the market well. Try to test every single feature of the pos system you pick, checking every function of these features before you really teaching your employees.

Go through every function of the pos system when giving an explanation to your employees, showing the employee how the cloud pos system work. Giving a demo of the cloud pos system to employees, make that process of storing the important of business information into practical, let the employee feel what the order will be like.

Talk with A Technology Consultant

Before you really make a purchase of a pos system, it is essential to ask for advice from the specialist. Try to listen to their recommendations, and the technical consultant will help you to evaluate the pros and cons of a pos system.

6 Perks of Using Fiberglass Malaysia Over Other Materials

What is Fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a type of FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) where glass fibre is the enhanced plastic.

This can be the reason that fibreglass gets on high need amongst the fiberglass supplier in Malaysia, as it is called glass-reinforced plastic.

The glass fibre is usually will be flattened right into a sheet, randomly embedded or woven into a fabric. Fibreglass is usually recognised for its lightweight, less high and also fragile resilience.

frp tank malaysia

This is why it is commonly made use of as fiberglass tank Malaysia, boats, aircraft, bathtub and other applications.

Right here are the 6 Benefits of Choosing Fiberglass Over Other Materials.

1. Strong Durability

FRP lining is a type of composite product that makes it have high durability as well as good rust resistance, oxidation of the atmosphere and hold up against all the extreme atmosphere.

The strong, as well as durable attributes, are what makes it a suitable selection in architecture such as fiberglass water slides as it is stronger than the sheet steel.

It is not just solid, yet it has high very high resistance towards deterioration and also not quickly corrosion.

This is why it is excellent for items like fiberglass pool that made use of outdoor like, in high moisture area or with the high salt content in the air.

2. Adaptability in Style

When it comes to mouldings the product with fibreglass, there are only a few limitations that giving the designer to achieve endless possibilities.

The flexibility to design numerous architectural fibreglass items enable to satisfy the requirement of the application.

fiberglass pool malaysia

With fibreglass, you even can make a custom-made sculpture with an enticing layout while preserving its durability.

The material might be chosen entirely to satisfy the performance for the other products with the functions like acid resistance, instant heat and also an excellent dielectric.

Hence, it is a good choice to change the stainless steel, carbon steel, timber and also non-ferrous metal.

3. Good Thermal Conductivity

Besides, the thermal conductivity of fiberglass Malaysia is low at space temperature level, which makes it an outstanding insulator.

Under the condition of the rapid ultra-high temperature level, it is the excellent thermal protection as well as ablation resistant material.

This is why fibreglass is specifically used in the making of spacecraft to stand up to the high-speed air circulation.

4. Good Insulation Performance

Fibreglass likewise makes a great protecting material that utilised to make the insulator. It is likewise might offer a good microwave transmission and has been commonly made use of in radar radiomen.

5. Light Weight

fiberglass malaysia

Moreover, the relative density for the fibreglass is 1/5 of carbon steel. However, the tensile toughness is close or perhaps even more significant than carbon steel.

The strength of the fibreglass has to do with as much of the stamina of high alloy steel. As a result, it appropriates to make as fibreglass furniture, aeronautics, rockets and high-pressure vessels as well as other items that require to decrease weight.

6. Unique Characteristics

Furthermore, fibreglass is excellent and non-conductive at transmitting radiofrequency. It is ideal for real estate digital without disturbing the efficiency and also offers much better defence from risks.

Fibreglass likewise can soak up the acoustic waves greater than jumps off, that giving it very great acoustics, for reducing the machinery quantities and accomplishing wanted audio level.

Fibreglass has the least development and tightening in the direction of the cold and heat, which provide it with a unique benefit over the material like plastic, wood as well as steel.

張民冠醫生講解常見骨科痛癥 認識預防及治療方法



為讓大眾更了解常見的骨科痛癥,早前由【健康創富】雜誌主辦,大昌華嘉香港有限公司贊助的【認識常見的骨科痛癥 · 關節痛、下背痛】專題講座,特別邀請九龍骨科醫生張民冠醫生擔任主講嘉賓,為大家詳細講解有關骨科痛癥的問題。



張醫生指出,退化性關節炎是一種慢性的關節病變,由勞損引致,成因是骨之間的軟組織因為長時間互相摩擦造成磨蝕,骨膜之間出現發炎,因而導致退化的情況發生。常見受影響的位置均為受力最多的部位,包括膝部及髖關節,至於手指,腳趾,頸椎及脊椎等則較為人間。過去的研究顯示,隨著年齡增加,患者人數亦會隨之而上升,世界衛生組織早前估計全球60歲或以上的人士中,有9.6% 男性及18% 女性患有退化性關節炎。

張醫生特別指出,中國人大部分是“O 型“ 腳, 由於先天性已出現彎曲, 將來出現退化的機會亦會較大,退化亦會以膝蓋的內側為先,較少先出現在外側,常見癥狀包括紅腫,脹痛,假若炎癥持續骨與骨之間便會出現疤痕,患者的活動能力便會減低,部分動作若持續一段時間便會出現僵硬的情況。而引發退化關節炎的高險因素包括肥胖,關節受創,關節因工作或消閑活動而長期受壓力,先天性關節缺陷,遺傳及缺少運動。


張民冠指出註射透明質酸 加強關節吸震功能

對於嚴重退化性膝關節炎的患者而言,關節置換術是其中可行的方法,醫生會為患者置入活動膠片及人工軟體,術後活動能力可恢復八至九成。至於近年的粘性補充療法可協助一些情況較輕微的患者,粘性補充療法是註射透明質酸 ( hyaluronic acid), 加強關節間的關節液的粘性,改善關節的吸震功能及減緩關節退化的問題,針劑包括多次註射或單次註射的療程,註射後患者可即時步行,副作用包括傷口可能會出現小許紅腫的情況,但一兩天便會退去,療效可維持至少半年。











經皮止痛藥貼 可減腸胃風險


治療方法同樣包括藥物治療,例如消炎止痛的藥物,物理治療及註意正確姿勢等,約八至九成病人在肌肉放松後痛癥的情況便有改善,但不排除日後復發的機會。不過非類固醇消炎藥可引致腸胃不適,一至兩成病人在內窺鏡檢查被發現胃潰瘍。近年醫學界新出的經皮膚滲入消炎止痛藥貼,含非類固醇消炎藥成分:Ketoprofen, 可快速到達肌肉,關節及筋膜,有效消炎止痛達24小時,亦可減低病人服藥後出現腸胃不適的風險。



Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing In Malaysia

Affiliate marketing is vast commerce and has become a vital source of online income for many thousands of qualified bloggers. For many Successful young entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Affiliate marketing maybe is the most cost-effective direct marketing strategy.

 As a publisher, you have to build an affiliate website. First, you need to have a website that let you promote services and products from the advertiser (retailer).

As an advertiser (retailer), you can sell your products by giving commission to affiliates once the customer purchases through their affiliate links. Here are the advantages why you should use affiliate marketing to boost your business sales.

1. You Only Pay A Commission When The Transactions Have Made

Affiliate Marketing Malaysia is a performance-based marketing model that rewards affiliate partners for driving the desired action. 

The publishers (affiliates) are more motivated to drive the conversion you are looking for. For instance, Customer loyalty program Malaysia recognises and rewards customers who purchase with a brand on a recurring purchase. With the help of a referral program, or turns your regular customers become your promoters to recommend the products to others.

affiliate marketing programs

Anyhow, you only will pay a commission once the sales have made. Therefore, you won’t waste your money on another marketing program.

2. Attract A Wide Range Of Audience

There are a lot of publishers from Top affiliate programs in Malaysia and can be found everywhere. The great news is that all there publishers are professional and have a desired amount of followers.  

You can corporate with them as build your affiliate network with their establish visitor base, giving your brand a much more robust online presence. They will become your partners as an extension of your current marketing workers, but you no need to hire them.

3. Affiliates Can Build Your Brand Image

affiliate marketing

By partnering with professional bloggers and reputable websites, you can further the reputation of your brand and its products. If you want to work with good affiliates, you need to make sure you evaluate them.

Many business websites need publishers to help you generate traffic, and you have to keep on eye on how they are gaining traffic to their blog website.

4. Save More Time

Try to imagine that you do not have to design, develop or manufacture any products, as affiliate junction handles this process for you. You do not have to search for potential customers because the publishers will write quality content to attract them.

They will join my smartshopper Malaysia and connect with you to promote your product in an effective way. 

loyalty program malaysia

MY Smart Shopper was the network’s first offline retail affiliate program offering rewards to registered as my kad smart shopper at participating outlets while rewarding affiliates on their successes.

5. No Limitation And Cost-Effective

There are no restrictions as to how many referrals links you place on websites. However, see if the website owner has advert space available for you. Besides that, there is a low financial expenditure in signing up for an affiliate programme, and it is suitable for many start-up entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Affiliates (publisher) can rapidly scale your traffic and sales since there are no limitations on the amount of income one can earn with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has a higher return on investment (ROI), as you only pay once affiliates help you to boost the sales. 

Which Is The Best Event Venue For Your Upcoming Event?

Most of the time, finding the right event venue could be tough for some people. When people are planning to hold an event, generally they will search from the internet. Undoubtedly, this is one of the ways to get information.

Still, you will find out that, you probably will feel confused that bombarded with a variety of options on the event venue Kuala Lumpur that available on the internet.

Vast information could be hard to narrow down, which is the best choice for your event venue. So, to be able to choose the right venue, there are few event spaces you should get to know before deciding which is best for your event. Check out the Terminal 21 spaces from Event Space Malaysia for more information.

meeting room in kuala lumpur

Hotel & resort

So, before you hold an event, the first thing you should keep in mind is the idea of where you want your event to be held, it either can be indoor or outdoor. Is your event needed a big space for the attend audience?

If you do not have the stress on the budget, then looking available of hotel function hall for rent should be in your list, because the hotel and resort usually will offer the professional service than others.

Picking the hotel and resort as your event venue will let you do not have the stress over making a separate arrangement about providing food. Your visitor will be profoundly intrigued by service, solace they give under a similar roof.

The 5-star hotel and resort usually lease the meeting room for its existing customer or outsider. So if you are planning to have a company meeting with the foreign investor or client, then searching for the meeting room for rent in KL surely is the best option for you.

training room for rent in kuala lumpur

Banquet hall

Banquet hall always viewed as the most common venue place for company events and personal event. It is not hard to find that the availability of banquet hall is very high when you are searching for the event space for rent kl through the internet. Click here to find out more.

The benefit of using banquet hall is that you will have the chance to decorate the space with your idea, which mean you can design the event space theme according to your thought and renting a banquet hall is way cheaper than renting a hotel or resort.

Fine dining restaurant

If you are looking for a place for the small gathering, then you should check out the availability of your local fine dining restaurant. The fine-dining restaurant is one of the best event space choices for you because they usually will offer the customer full-service which is taking care from food to beverage, all you need to do is come and eat.

If you are looking for more privacy environment to spare with your family or girlfriend, then this type of restaurant also is the best private function venue for you. A lot of premium restaurants will offer a certain to the customer who has the intent to rent the whole restaurant for a specified period.

training room for rent in kl

Other choices

There is another option than hotel and resort, restaurant and banquet hall which also provides with privacy and clean environment, that is the college and university. If you are looking for the training room for rent in KL, then picking the college and university in KL is the best choice.

The facilities and equipment that available in the college and university will allow you more able to give a practical training seminar for your audience.